Manufacturer’s Representatives

Serving the Consumer Electronics and Housewares Industries

What we do best…
Our Benefit Proposition

  • Long term business relationships
  • Proprietary and innovative sales tools 
  • Detailed order maintenance and administration
  • Creative marketing and point of sale and know-how 
  • A history of excellent sales performance 
  • Expertise in selling to a multi-ethnic marketplace
  • Proactive account and credit management 
  • Dynamic sales training programs 
  • Committed to effective communications
  • Careful planning and forecasting
  • Detailed attention to service 
  • Solutions and results oriented                                   
  • Motivated by challenge and accomplishment                          


Merchandising support for the products we sell.

  • In-field and in-house sales training.
  • Consulting and marketing services.
  • Access to a national rep network.